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Where it all started: Moving home

Back in 2009, when my wife and I considered moving home, we didn't know where we wanted to move to, but we definitely wanted to be near good local schools for our children. Every time we found a potential area, we spent hours trawling the web gathering information on local schools and reading their Ofsted inspection reports. It took us ages and quickly became very frustrating.

We did find some websites that speeded it up a little, but we soon discovered that their data was unreliable; some schools were mysteriously missing and often links were broken and data out of date. They almost always required a postcode to be entered to start with, something we often didn't have.

We decided that what we needed was something that showed schools on a map, which you could scroll around and most importantly showed, at a glance, some crucial information about the schools; primarily their Ofsted report ratings and exam results. So we Googled and browsed all night, but it became clear that there was nothing out there that does this. So, being a software developer, I decide to write one for us ... and was born.

Wind on a few years and my wife and I were researching our next move, this time outside of London. However due to work and family ties, we still need to be with easy reach of the City. So we started investigating commuting times and discovered how extremely tedious this process is. In fact, I concluded that without a computer crunching all the data it would be impossible for us to be sure we had covered all the potential places to live within a reasonable commuting time. So, it was back to the drawing board ... and our commuting map was born.

2015 Update: Well, they say, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". It seems every week there is a new site out there, which has clearly taken their inspiration from us. Thank you to all of you that have spread the word about locrating; please continue to do so, we need your support in what is becoming an increasingly competitive area. has been lovingly built in London, UK.

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